Picture Perfect with Lytro

May 17, 12 Picture Perfect with Lytro

Spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive camera only to find out that you’re going to need to spend more money to learn how to use it es una locura! A Lytro is the solution for beautiful pictures. You want to capture the moment when your novio dances to La Macerena, not mess up your manicure fiddling with the focusing lens.

Every picture will be perfecto with the Lytro, a small rectangular shaped device that fits in the palm of your hands. With one easy button, you snap away and focus for another day. That’s right, you can focus after you take the photo. No shutter delay. Adios to those blurry pictures.

When you post the pictures on Facebook, Twitter or via email your amigos click on any blurry part of the picture and it comes into focus. Like magic. I told you, chica. It’s crazy!


  1. I’ve been jugando with this photo you posted por un largo rato!

    What a cool device… I’d read all about it but I had never visto una foto that you could zoom in all around.

    Gracias por posting this and sharing how incredible this little camarita can be!

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