Pepper And Green Tea For A Hot Body

Jan 31, 12 Pepper And Green Tea For A Hot Body

As far as fad diets, you name it, we’ve done it. Heck. If you told me that those skinny Argentinas stay slender by drinking a glass of horse sweat a day, I’d run to the nearest bodega to get a bottle or two. But we just learned about something new and it doesn’t involve anything that gross. Adding pepper is a super easy way to boost the calorie-burning properties of green tea by as much as 130%. I know. Shocking. Now get back on your chair and let me tell you how it’s done. Simply add as little as half a teaspoon of black pepper to your meals while you sip on the tea. The pepper helps increase the absorption of EGCG, which is one of the weight-loss agents found in green tea. Plus, drinking green tea helps you feel fuller quicker and less likely to reach for seconds even if those chimichangas are beckoning you. Sorry, Celia Cruz, but azucar! is no longer our mantra. It’s pimienta!

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