Pawn With Pride

May 03, 12 Pawn With Pride

Orgullo is synonymous with Latinas. There are certain places we would never want to be caught entering in public like a pawnshop! What would your mami say? Worse, what would she do? No te preocupes, your secret is safe with us. Go to Pawngo, an online pawn shop and avoid your mami’s chancleta.

From the comfort of your home, you can pawn or sell that Cartier watch your ex novio gave you years ago. Who needs therapy to get over a broken heart? Instead, reward yourself for putting up with that loco. If you’re like me, you have a box filled with heart wrenching expensive mementos from all the locos you’ve allowed to enter your life. We will have to talk about your choice of men at a later time, chica.

For now, earn a few extra dollars and treat your mom out for brunch on Mother’s Day. It’s around the corner. She will never know that all those “mistakes” you dated helped pay for the mimosa she is enjoying.

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