Pass the Buck: Find Someone To Run your Errands for you

Nov 01, 10 Pass the Buck: Find Someone To Run your Errands for you

Pass The buck, find someone to run your errandsDarn it! You’re at your desk daydreaming about your upcoming promotion (Ok, admit it. You were really daydreaming about that guapo, Lucas, in IT) when you remember that you forgot to buy the tortillas for the chicken fajitas you’re making for your dinner guests tonight. I mean, you can’t have fajitas without the tortillas, loca! Great; you have everything timed down to the second and a last-minute trip to the store will derail all your plans, cutting into your precious primping time. Uh-uh, no way that’s happening. So what to do? Log onto Agent Anything and let someone else do the work for you!

This awesome service connects people too busy to run their own errands (I hear that!) with college students in need of a few extra bucks. Whether it’s picking up your dry-cleaning, buying a birthday present for your Tia Josefina or walking Fido, there is someone out there willing to relieve you of the burden. Simply post the details of the mission along with how much you’re willing to pay and wait for someone to accept. Easy, no? You will get more time to concentrate on the really important things (like watching all those DVR’d episodes of Modern Family) while contributing to the meager finances of some struggling student. Agent Anything currently operates in New York City only, but they have plans to expand soon, so keep on the lookout! Phew! Now you can go back to daydreaming about Lucas’, um, sense of humor.

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