Oye, Abre Tus Ojos

May 14, 10 Oye, Abre Tus Ojos

“Oncunique eye glassese the epitome of geekiness, glasses no longer carry the social stigma they once did. Wearing gafas is now seen as a mark of intelligence, even as a chic accessory, not the scarlet brand of being a nerd. Think Tina Fey, not Betty La Fea. Wear yours proudly, mujer. No point going through life half-blind for the sake of vanity. Putting la vanidad over your health is way overrated, especially since you can correct your vision and still look hot.Make a statement with one-of-a-kind specs from Indivijual, a manufacturer that customizes your frames to the shape of your face, skin tone, hair and eye color and even takes into account your interests and preferences. Or go for Essilor’s Airware Lenses , the most environmentally friendly eyewear ever. Their glasses are made using 100% recycled water and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, which is made from 100% recyclable wood fibers. To top it off, their lenses are 100% UV protected and are lighter and more resistant than plastic lenses. No matter which way you go, you are guaranteed a new (and stylish) outlook on life!”

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