Organization On The Go

Apr 07, 11 Organization On The Go

Remember those old-school business card organizers? I remember both my Papi and abuelo having them to sort out their many contactos. But they seem outdated and, let’s face it, kind of ugly. What modern-day chica runs around with one of those? All you need is your trusty Smartphone. But, some level of organization is required and that’s where the free Capture N Go app comes in. You take a picture of the card with your phone, and later log onto your account to organize everything properly. It’s not just good for business cards, but receipts as well. It’s also great for creating expense reports when you travel and it’s sure to come in handy this April 15th (Tax Day, girl, Tax Day! You haven’t forgotten, have you? Keep all your important info safe and in order online because the organizers and Rolodexes are, much like Menticol, best left to last-century folk.

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