Open Your Eyes to Threading

Jun 04, 12 Open Your Eyes to Threading

It’s no longer necessary to feel the pain of plucking your eyebrows. Not to mention the over plucking that makes your eyebrows pencil thin. Ew! Waxing is no fun either. The burning sensation and redness afterward from those chemicals is anything but sexy. Chica, the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to keep your eyebrows beautiful is threading.

Threading originated in the Middle East and we are extremely happy it has found its way all across America. Tweezing and waxing tug at the skin. Sooner or later, your eyelids will lose its tautness and start sagging. Remember your Tia Carmencita! Porbrecita. How does she apply her eye shadow? But with threading, a licensed aesthetician takes a piece of thread and maneuvers it in such a way that she looks like she’s weaving you new eyebrows. You will love it!

I’m proud to say that all of us at LaCosmopolatina are thread fans! These threading spots are turning up at major shopping malls as well. Some salons use the Arabic terms khite and fatlah. In any language, the meaning is the same. Beautifully shaped eyebrows that bring attention to your Latina bedroom eyes.

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  1. Belinda Quesada /

    Thanks for today’s article on “Threading.” while at the mall last weekend, I decided to try “Threading,” hard to believe how fast, accurate, and practical this practice is! I would recommend my gente try it. Hechale con ganas! ###

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