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Aug 03, 10 Online Scanner

turn your phone into a portable scanner Did you know you have the makings of a Kinko’s right in your pocket? That’s right, you could be carrying your own mini-copy center around. How is that even possible, you ask? With ScanR, the online service that turns your phone into a digital scanner. You’ve probably heard of similar services, but most of them just take slightly enhanced photos of your docs, while ScanR creates flatbed scanner-quality copies that can be turned into PDF files or fax.

You can scan, store and fax notes, business cards, receipts, whiteboards and more. ScanR simplifies the mess of papers you have to deal with on a daily basis, leaving you organized and bulk-free. Some say it’s just another way to bring la oficina home with you, but it can help you expedite through work so you can have more YO time. And you no longer have to wait in line at the hotel business center behind el mocoso having the most endless conversation ever on IM, consisting mainly of “LOL!” and various emoticons.   Freedom is here!”

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