Online Album Maker

Aug 20, 10 Online Album Maker

online album maker Do you have a bunch of pictures hoarding space on your camera? If you’re anything like me, you go out, have a great time, then leave the pictures sitting on your computer for months, even years. And then, at the same time you have friends and family nagging you about wanting to see what’s going on with your life. You’ve thought about making an online album, but your mom demands real, tangible, printed-on-paper pictures because “yo ni se prender el aparato ese”.

Well, chica, I have a solution for you. Say hello to Memolio, your new personal online picture album maker. With a few simple clicks you can create and order one-of-a-kind picture albums that you can toss in your purse and casually pull out and awe your friends with. Everyone will be amazed by your creativity! And who’s to know that you only spent 10 minutes uploading images, picking a theme, and editing? Plus, you can make an album specifically for your mom that only includes the pics she is allowed to see.”

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