One-Stop Shopping For All Your Travel Needs

Feb 09, 10 One-Stop Shopping For All Your Travel Needs

vacation planning tool Planning a trip can be un dolor de cabeza. From picking the actual destination, to finding accommodations, booking tickets, planning activities, you can end up spending hours on the Internet looking through dozens of websites. Ay Dios, sometimes it seems like a better idea to just forget the whole thing and stay home.

Except there’s a cure: Travel Muse (, the aspirin to your vacation planning headache. With the only Inspiration Finder around, this actual muse delivers quick relief by helping you discover destinations based on various criteria. For example, you can search for a romantic destination that’s within 8 hours travel time from New York City, on a budget of $2,000, for a 6-day stay. Travel Muse will offer suggestions like Dublin, Ireland and Carmel, CA. You’ll get hotel and flight information, suggested activities, dining, and much more.  There are dozens of themes you can search by, such as Adventure vacations, Art and Museums, even Single Parent Family Travel. Once you’ve made your choice, go ahead and book directly with them. After booking, print out a free guide with your personal schedule and all the information you need about your chosen destination.  Travel Muse is the only muse that inspires you and does the work for you, so save that aspirin for when you really need it.


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