Once Upon A Treat

May 21, 10 Once Upon A Treat

latin american treatsRemember the yummy Latin American treats visiting relatives used to bring you as a child? Chocolatinas Jet, Frunas and bocadillos de guayaba…mmm, I’m nearing a diabetic coma just thinking about it. Whatever happened to them, anyway?

If you don’t live in a city with a large immigrant community they can be hard to find. Especially with relatives visiting less and less in these tough economic times. Good news, though. A little research yielded this unbelievable hidden gem: Latin Gourmet Imports. They carry all these lovely little indulgences and more. Pony Maltas, platanitos, and even Doña Arepa mix are all there for the taking. Turn the nostalgia meter to full-blown and pile your cart high with these mementos of your childhood.”

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