Off The Beaten Guide

Mar 04, 10 Off The Beaten Guide

personalized travel guides Going on vacation, oh yeah! Finally, time to blow off some steam and relax. The last thing you need is to fret over how to squeeze in all the sites you want to see, how to get around and not get robbed like Miss Dominican Republic at last year’s Miss Universe pageant (just sayin’). Enter Offbeat Guides (, the first personalized travel guide that gives you the straight 411 on your chosen destination in just a few clicks.

Just provide a few basic details and they will create a personal travel guide relevant to your unique needs. For example, by giving your travel dates they will be able to provide a list of events occurring at that particular time. Knowing your destination allows them to add information about the time zone, currency exchange and weather forecast. And providing the name of your hotel will allow them to create walking maps around your location. You can personalize your guide further by adding your own itinerary or recommendations from your amigos. They even print your name on the cover to be sure there are no two guides alike. All this, in addition to regular content found on traditional travel guides, such as tips about the best places to stay, eat and shake your groove thang. Offbeat Guides offers up to the minute info on over 30,000 destinations. So kick back and worry only about crossing the days off on your calendar.

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