No Needles Required

Jul 19, 11 No Needles Required

Abuelita was a whiz at her Singer sewing machine – she could make anything from a set of curtains to your First Communion dress. You, on the other hand, nearly impaled yourself with the needle last time you tried to sew on a button, and the hems of your pants are falling apart faster than J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s marriage. You don’t have time for fancy stitching and darning; what a busy chica like you needs is something that will solve the problem fast and will solve it for good. And nothing does that better than Mighty MendIt, a sort of fabric super-glue. It will take care of those hems in seconds, not to mentions tons of other sartorial mishaps. It works on nearly all types of fabric, including leather, and it’s machine washable so your handiwork won’t go to pieces on laundry day. It may not make you a First Communion dress, but at least it will keep you from tripping over your own pants.

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