No More Nail Cruelty

Apr 15, 10 No More Nail Cruelty

You may not realize it, but your run-of-the-mill nail polish may be more abrasive than Kanye West was at the VMAs. OK, nothing can be that abrasive, but still. Ordinary nail polish contains loads of chemicals that make your nails dry, brittle and yellow like the last saltina at the end of the package. Your nails are begging for mercy, child. Don’t turn a blind eye.

Put a stop to the abuse with Suncoat – an organic, water-based nail polish. This product is free of harmful chemicals and artificial dyes that are absorbed by your nails, and unlike other water-based polishes, it actually lasts long and dries quickly. Also, because of its natural components when you apply it no chemical fumes are released into the air. Basically, by using it you’d be doing both yourself and the environment a favor. Are those the celestial peals of guilt-free shopping I hear? Man, I just love having my saltina and eating it too.

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