No Mas Excusas: Easy Exercise Moves You Can Do Anywhere

Jan 22, 10 No Mas Excusas: Easy Exercise Moves You Can Do Anywhere

Save them, honey, we’ve heard them all before. And they don’t apply here. Short periods of exercise can be very effective in helping you keep those Latinalicious curves rockin’, and these simple moves require no fancy exercise equipment:

1-Toe Raises: you can do this while you brush your teeth. Stand with your heels together, toes pointing out. Lift your heels off the floor while contracting your calf and butt muscles and pulling your stomach in. Do 15 to 20 reps per set and do as many sets as you can while brushing. This move tones your calves and glutes.

2-Butt squeeze: ideal for when you’re sitting in your car during rush hour. Tune in the latest Shakira for butt-inspiration and squeeze your butt muscles to the beat of She Wolf while keeping your abs contracted. Try doing this for about 3 or 4 songs in a row.

3-Stairmaster: this one is pretty obvious. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Try taking two at a time for maximum effect.

4-Commercial Blast: do a different exercise during each commercial break when you’re watching TV. Do squats during one, ab crunches during the next, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, lo que sea. Do as many reps as you can before la novela comes back on.

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