No Agua Sucia For Me, Thanks

Oct 14, 10 No Agua Sucia For Me, Thanks

No Agua Sucia For Me, ThanksSo you swig more bottled water than a Chilean miner fresh out of the scorching bowels of the Earth, but when it comes to tap water you’re more than a little skeptical. You’ve heard that a city’s water reserves can harvest a ton of pollutants and you’re afraid of growing an entire ecosystem of bacteria in your stomach. You can nix all those worries and save a ton of money in the process by acquiring a water filter for your home.

There are many different kinds that utilize various types of technologies, such as reverse osmosis, ultra violet radiation, ionization and more. But the cheapest and simplest to use is the charcoal filter. They are installed easily on your faucets and they absorb the impurities in the water as it flows through. Ta-da! An instant limitless supply of pure drinking water at a fraction of the price of that fancy bottle of Evian or Dasani. Charcoal filters are standalone units, but there are filters that can service an entire home. Naturally, these are more expensive and require professional installation. For on-the-go or outdoor purifying, allow me to remind you of the ingenious filtered water bottle LaCosmopolatina featured a few months ago (you’re welcome).  Find the right filter for your needs and when you do, raise your glass of ultra-clean water in a Salud! to the safety and well being of the rescued miners of Chile.’

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