News With A Pulse

Aug 24, 11 News With A Pulse

You are a chica who likes to be well-informed, and stay up to date on current events; good for you! If you had your choice, you’d catch up on the day’s news every morning over a leisurely breakfast; sipping café con leche and nibbling fresh pan de quesos. Most likely, though, you have to settle for quickly skimming the top news on your smartphone during your morning commute. To make the most of this time, try the Pulse News app for iPhone and iPad. It’s a news aggregator that takes up to 20 news sources of your choice and creates a visual mosaic of all of them. You can swipe across various articles from a single source, see an article as it would be presented on a website or read the text-only version. You can also share articles via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail (‘cause what’s an app without social-media sharing capabilities in this day and age?). The interface is organized and attractive, making it easy and pleasurable to get your information on. If only the actual news were nearly as pleasant as this app.

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