Neat Receipts to the Rescue

Jan 20, 10 Neat Receipts to the Rescue

Quick! Empty your bag! Now count how many receipts you have. Cuantos son? Dos? Tres? Fifteen? If you’re like me, a shopaholic that stashes receipts in all my bag compartments, then you’re going to love what I’m about to tell you.

Ever heard of Neat Receipts? If not, then it’s time to get organized. Neat Receipts electronically organizes your receipts by their type. All you have to do is scan the little piece of paper and it will store it in a digital database for you to retrieve later. No more papers, no more mess. The product is so smart it actually “reads” the receipts and files similar purchases together. It’s small enough to fit inside a handbag too! (I doubt you’ll be scanning receipts while you’re walking down the street, but the compact size is a total plus.) The option to send documents to Excel or Turbo Tax makes this product a must-have for startup or established companies. For more information and other Neat products visit:



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