Natural Medicine Acknowledged

Jul 29, 10 Natural Medicine Acknowledged

Natural medicine guide published by Chilean government Finally, someone who appreciates the wisdom of mami’s and abuelita’s natural remedies as much as we do. Never to be dismissed as old wives’ tales again, herbal medicine has been officially recognized!

The Health Ministry of Chile has compiled a guide of 103 medicinal plants that have been integrated into the National Medication Policy. From lemon verbena for digestive problems to sarsaparilla for hemorrhages, it is an excellent complement to traditional medicine. This follows an initiative from the World Health Organization to incorporate popular wisdom into the public health system, as well as to regulate it and make it accessible to the population at large. In fact, all of the herbs included in the guide will have to be labeled and sold within the next six months. You go, Chile! This just goes to prove that mami and abuelita always know best.”

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