Natural Hand Deodorizer: Coffee

Jan 20, 11 Natural Hand Deodorizer: Coffee

Don’t even talk to me before my morning tinto. You all know that life can feel as overwhelming as Shakira’s and Antonio de La Rua’s breakupbefore you get your caffeine fix, be it in the form of a latte or a colada. But coffee is more than fuel to kick-start your engine, it can also be the little pine tree air freshener that gets rid of bad smells. There’s nothing worse than having stinky hands after preparing a delicious dinner that contains yummy but smelly ingredients, like garlic, onions or fish. The way to your man’s heart may be through his stomach, but you’re not going anywhere if you don’t make it past his nose first. To deodorize your hands all you need to do is rub damp coffee grounds on your palms for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water and soap. Instantly de-stinkified! Yet one more reason to adore Juan Valdez.


  1. Stephanie Cardozo /

    This is thee best, easiest, fast-fix for smelly hands after cutting smelly ingredients. I never heard this before. This is awesome! Especially because I LOVE the smell of coffee.

  2. Veronica /

    I love all the ways you can use coffee these days! Thank you for always keeping us in the loop about the newest ways to use household products…


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