Natural Air Freshner

Jun 23, 10 Natural Air Freshner

Natural Air FreshnerBistec empanizado and maduros are delicious. The smell that lingers after frying them up? Not so much.  Many commercial deodorizers don’t get rid of nasty odors. They just cover them up with a heavy layer of fragrance resulting in a house that stinks of fritanga and lavender. On top of that, you wind up inhaling a lungful of chemicals that may be harmful to your health. Not cool.

Why not freshen your home the natural way? Baking soda is the omnipresent ingredient when it comes to homemade cleaning solutions, and with good reason. It’s great at sucking up odors, so sprinkle some on your carpets or leave some out in strategically placed dishes. This will neutralize unpleasant smells, so you can proceed to add some lovely ones. Do this by mixing 4 cups of hot water with ¼ cup of baking soda. Add a few drops of lemon juice or your favorite pure essential oil. You can now spray this solution around the house and enjoy a fresh, all-natural scent. See? You can have your bistec and eat it too.”



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