Muy Caliente Laptops (Not In A Good Way)

May 04, 10 Muy Caliente Laptops (Not In A Good Way)

When you work from home, it ilaptop pillows only natural that you should want to take maximum advantage of the comforts your hogar dulce hogar has to offer. So you sprawl out on the couch with your computer on your lap and your feet up. And sometimes you like to IM your mejor amiga while you watch Dancing with the Stars cozily in your bed (who can wait until the show is over to share the LOLs?).

So you know that balancing your laptop while trying to avoid getting second degree burns on your thighs can be a tricky business. I’ve tried pillows and trays, but they range from cutting-off-my-circulation-uncomfortable to dangerously overheating my laptop. Fortunately, Brookstone’s e-Pad Laptop Desk, comes to the rescue with a portable desk with a cushioned bottom. The padding contours itself to your lap, keeping you cool and comfortable while the top keeps your computer balanced and safe from overheating. You can also use your little portable desk to read or write in bed, the couch, outside, or anywhere that strikes your fancy, really. It even comes with a built-in pouch to carry your laptop and important documents in. I think this would make an especially useful gift for a writer, don’t you (hint, hint)? I don’t know about you ladies, but the only thing caliente I want on my lap comes with a camisa negra and goes by the name of Juanes.”

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