Must-Haves From a Latina Chef

Sep 01, 10 Must-Haves From a Latina Chef

Latina chef Elsie RamosChef Elsie Ramos may have heard the now famous Gordon Ramsay catchphrase “Shut it Down” one too many times when she was a contestant on season one of Hell’s Kitchen, but no one is shutting down this culinary diva anytime soon. Knowing all too well about the on-the-go, modern Latina lifestyle that keeps us constantly on our toes and with very little time to spare, Elsie’s first cookbook, Turkey Tacos and Arroz Con Pollo is a life saver.

From mini mofongos to rice with black beans and ham, Elsie specializes in traditional Latin dishes and infuses them with a Puerto Rican flair. Her recipes are refreshingly easy to follow and will leave you wanting to head over to mami’s house and show her your new cooking skills. Do we even need an excuse to go shopping, ladies? Here are the must-haves Elsie shares with us that every Latina chef needs.

What are the must have utensils every Latina should have?

Every Latina NEEDS a caldero! It is the staple for the best rice dish. A good knife is key to safe and quick prepping. You will always have a few in your kitchen drawers, but there is always a “favorite” that just feels right when you’re using it.

What is one ingredient you cannot cook without?

Sofrito is made with simple produce (onion, garlic, peppers and cilantro) but it is my number one ingredient on almost all my dishes. Sofrito is great for seasoning beans, rice, pasta or soup. It also makes a great rub on steak or chicken. It is so easy to make that I always keep batches of it in my fridge.

What is one easy to make meal every Latina should have under their belt?

Arroz con pollo, what else? When you think of Latin cooking, you always think of arroz con pollo. It’s delicious and easy to make. It’s a whole meal in one and while the process is similar in all Latin cultures, you can customize it and make it special to you; I like to add vegetables or olives to dress it up.

So wear that chef’s hat proud, ladies, because you’ll be leaving your guests wanting seconds!

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