Mucho Mas At Poco

Nov 03, 09 Mucho Mas At Poco

At Poco, the newest, hippest Spanish tapas bar in the Lower East Side, you are greeted by two papasitos – a charming blond with ocean blue eyes and a brunette replica of Michaelangelo’s David.

My chicas and I were flechadas instantly. Flechadas with Jason’s incredible hospitality, the Spartan/General Manager with the honey colored hair, who promised us everything and the Chrysler Building, the amazing tapas that never ceased to make a surprise appearance on our tables, and the decadent Jalapeño margaritas. Free cocktails for the cumpleañeras and $5 cocktails, beer and wine for my friends made the night mas dulce. Our every whim was fulfilled. Not one request was too much to ask. And the detalles were fenomenales. From mini churros drizzled with chocolate oscuro and peppered with candles (a brilliant idea from the award-winning chef, Arturo) when we forgot the torta de cumpleaños to a round of decadent champagne for all my friends for a toast with a microphone that miraculously appeared out of nowhere. We were in el cielo and can’t wait for mas at Poco. In fact, te confieso: I couldn’t wait long. I returned the following weekend with una amiga for the delectable and reasonably priced $20 Sunday brunch.

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