Mother’s Day Cards from iPhone to Mailbox

May 10, 12 Mother’s Day Cards from iPhone to Mailbox

Querida, you’re too broke to visit mami for Mother’s Day because you splurged on those Manolo pumps for your date with that nobody. Now what? Another edible fruit basket? Por favor! You gave her that for Valentine’s Day. You need something personal, bonito y barato. Once again, Apple comes to the rescue with two greeting card apps you can use even if your mami doesn’t own an iPhone.

The Appygraph app allows you to create a personalized card with your picture in it. You can send it via text, email, or even Facebook. There are more than 70 designs for any special occasion. You can send a different one to your mami and tia. Problem solved.

But what do you send your abuelita who doesn’t even know how to answer her cellphone when it rings? The Cards app allows you to snail mail your personalized card from your iPhone. The price of each card is $2.99 which includes the postage anywhere in the USA or $4.99 anywhere else. With prices like these, your Manolo pumps won’t make your feet feel guilty on Mother’s Day.

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