Montezuma’s Wardrobe

Aug 01, 11 Montezuma’s Wardrobe

Tribal prints are fierce this season, so it was only a matter of time until the fiercest tribe of all made their mark on the fashion scene. Tanesha from Girl with Curves has alerted us that Aztec prints are all the rage this summer; with their bright colors and bold geometric shapes it’s easy to see why this trend is gathering steam. It’s fun and an easy way to spice up any outfit in a matter of minutes. Because these prints are so colorful and attention-grabbing, the cardinal rule when wearing them is to limit yourself to one piece. An Aztec-print accessory like a scarf, handbag, necklace or belt can add some picante to an otherwise unadventurous outfit. It’s also a good idea to choose an item in a nice fabric like silk or leather, otherwise your accessory can end up looking like something you picked out of the 99 cent bin at Ño! Que Barato! rather than the chic and uber-trendy adornment it really is. Finally, if you decide to make a statement and go with a bigger piece like a dress or a skirt, keep all other elements fairly neutral. You want your Aztec print to be the star of the show, not have it compete with the rest of your outfit. Now you know the rules, so go and get wild Aztec-style.

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  1. Laxman /

    Please make your dresses loegnr or have two lengths! Tall people are not able to wear 33-34 dress without exposing themselves or looking very disproportionate. We need at least a 35-37 in length dresses! Thanks a million!

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