Miracle Light Bulbs For Good Health

Jan 20, 11 Miracle Light Bulbs For Good Health

Ever wondered why your extended family back in the motherland always seems so much more upbeat and bubbly than their gringo counterparts? It’s because of all the sunshine, duh. Living that close to the Equator means never having to suffer through long, bleak winters and below-freezing temperatures. That not only equates a better mood all the friggin’ time, but a better immune system as well as a range of other health benefits that continued exposure to sunlight provides. However, most of us have been programmed to evade the sun like Marc Anthony evades the IRS, so we’re missing out on all the good stuff like lower blood pressure, enhanced focus and better sleep. It’s true that the sun’s UV rays are harmful, so in order to take in the good and keep out the bad you might want to turn to Dr. Mercola’s Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. They provide all of the benefits of natural sunshine, but indoors. They also provide better lighting for your eyes therefore reducing the strain on them. Plus they benefit plants and pets too. They are a great alternative to consider given that in 2012 energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs are going to be banned by law. Shame these miracle bulbs don’t tan, as well, so you could have a gorgeous bronceado to go with your improved health. Something to consider for the next batch of bulbs, Dr. Merc!

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