Medication For Your Laundry

Jun 12, 11 Medication For Your Laundry

So you’re standing in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear. You finally settle on your prettiest white shirt. Just as you are putting it on, you notice them. Nasty yellow deodorant stains right on the armpits. The proverbial mosca en la sopa. So effing annoying! Try as you might there is no getting those stubborn stains out (as your mami might say, ‘no hay poder humano’ that can do it). Or is there? Turns out the secret weapon has been hiding in your medicine cabinet all this time. No, it’s not Bibaporú, although we wouldn’t put it past its myriad capabilities. We’re talking about aspirin. Its main ingredient, salicylic acid, is great for treating stains. All you have to do is dissolve two tablets in half a cup of warm water and apply directly to the stains. Let sit for a couple of hours, then wash as usual and it’s adios to pit stains forever!  You can even brighten up a load of whites by tossing in an aspirin into the washing machine once it’s full of water. So take two aspirin and don’t worry about finding clean clothes in the morning!

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