Maximize Fruit Power

Feb 08, 10 Maximize Fruit Power

how to get the most our of fruit My mom is forever all up in my business about not eating enough fruit. It’s one of the staples of her cantaleta repertoire, along with sitting up straight and not going to church often enough. I’ll bet it sounds familiar, huh?

Right though our dear madres are about fruit consumption, what they never told us is that there is a right way and a wrong way to eat fruit. Namely, that juicy watermelon slice should be eaten before, not after, a meal. Or better yet, on an empty stomach. Why, you ask? Because other foods in your stomach prevent the fruit from being digested quickly thus thwarting the full absorption of all the nutrients in the frutas. Don’t even think about cooking fruit as it destroys all their goodness; and avoid canned juice, stick to fresh only. Consuming fruit correctly helps to detoxify your body, gives you energy, and improves your overall health, beauty and longevity. Mija, it’s like the elixir of youth (except you can get it at the supermarket)! For more info visit


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