Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

Mar 13, 12 Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

Aaah. I can smell it now. The buttered, air-popped popcorn; warm and wispy clouds of baby blue cotton candy and fresh elephant poop. Mmm hmm! Those are the sweet smells of a the Greatest Show on Earth. It’s enough to make a full grown woman get all loca loca loca with excitement. Like when you found that Marc Jacob’s bag you always wanted, marked down 30%. But one thing I’ve never noticed are all the Latinos. Were they there before?

Yep. The Ringling Bros. and Barnam & Baily Circus is here. Say that five times really fast. And it’s more Latino than ever. It’s got lions, and tigers, and, er, huge Asian elephants (Bet you thought I’d say bears). Plus real llamas and alpacas. In the Dragon tour, there’s the Copoeira dancing little person from Brasil, Paolo, who’s the Ringmaster’s sidekick. There’s Henry, el Payaso from Peru, who loves clowning around. And one of the best parts of the show is the Torres family of nine who all hail from Argentina and Paraguay. They perform a death-defying motorcycle act: 8 motorcycles in a 16-foot steel sphere, where speeds can reach up to 65 mpg. Aaaah! Just thinking about it makes me more nervous que una mama Mexicana waiting to present her daughter to the world at her Quinceañera.

This traveling circus will definitely make you feel the entire range of emotions: love, tenderness, humour, and a decent dose of fear. You know. Just like the usual drama you get from that crazy telenovela you love to watch. The show already started in the NYC and NJ area, but don’t you worry, chica. We got you covered. Check out the schedule here and find out if and when the show will make it to your town too.

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