The Money Class is in Session

Jan 24, 12 The Money Class is in Session

Ay Dios mio, another credit card bill from last year’s Christmas shopping. This insane spending has to stop. In 2012, I resolve to be debt free or close to it. And you know who gives me the best advice on my finances? I will give you a clue, “GIRLFRIEND!” None other than Suze Orman!

Every Monday on The Oprah Winfrey Network, Suze teaches all of us how to stand in our truth. Her message is clear: live beneath our means and within our needs. Ya sabes, no more weekly mani and pedis for us, chicas. We can pamper ourselves every two weeks, right? Or heck, we can do it ourselves. Just thinking about it is probably lowering our debt by the millions!

With her new best selling book, The Money Class, Suze is helping all of us become debt free and shouldn’t that be every Latina’s American dream?

And remember that The Money Class is always in session.

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