Manage Your Holiday Weight

Nov 22, 10 Manage Your Holiday Weight

The holidays are right around the corner, yay! It’s time for good cheer and for piling on all the weight you’ve been fighting to keep off all year. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life. I mean, how can you possibly turn down the lechón your mami slaved over all day? Or your your tia’s churros con chocolate caliente and arroz con leche; it’s tantamount to an insult. So how to keep the extra poundage in check without offending relatives left, right and center? Why, take advantage of all the technology at your disposal, of course. There’s nothing you can’t do these days with a laptop and/or an iPhone, so put yours to good use. There are dozens of apps and sites out there dedicated to helping you manage your weight. There are calorie counters like My Food Diary, sites that help you find the best diet for your lifestyle like Diets In Review, support forums like Workout Dump where you can go to vent and get motivated by others going through the same hell as you, and all kinds of tools to help you keep track of workouts, weight loss and more. With a little high-tech help this may just be the year you can have your cake and eat it too.

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