Make The Most Of Every Flight

Jul 10, 11 Make The Most Of Every Flight

Traveling is great, once you get to where you’re going. But the whole process of it – long plane rides, dealing with luggage, being manhandled by increasingly obnoxious TSA agents – is tremendo lio. The least you can do is make your trips more amenable, or more productive, by finding out ahead of time who you will be sharing a plane or an airport with. Planely allows you to do this by entering your flight information. With a few clicks you’ll know if that papasito from your company’s sales department is going to be in the same plane and try to book a seat next to him; or if the elusive exec you’ve been trying to set up a meeting with is going to be at the same airport as you during your layover (of course, they must be Planely members too in order for their info to be available).  At the very least you can arrange to share a cab with someone or to sit next to someone interesting on the plane.  Who knows, you might make a new friend, close a million-dollar deal or meet the man of your dreams. Bon voyage!

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