Luciana Davidzon

Jul 25, 11 Luciana Davidzon

City you live in:
New York City, NY.

Occupation and why?
Pastry Chef. I studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and worked for many years in multinational companies in sales & marketing, SAP systems, and as a consultant. But it wasn’t enough. Simply unfulfilling. I therefore decided to leave it all and pursue my dream. I was passionate (almost obsessed) with the magical and fascinating world of cooking. First, I opened my own catering company and then I became a Pastry Chef. Today I’m also a food writer and blogger. My professional life took an unbelievable 180 degree turn. All my energy, dedication and creativity are directed towards this almost perfect new world. My days of struggling are now gone – most of my time is rather devoted to a fun game.

A regular day consists of?
Guess what? My day starts in the kitchen, preparing my daughter’s meal for school! I then try to balance the rest of my time in between trying new recipes and writing. I take some time to walk and get inspired. Then I cook, become creative, and cook a bit more. I take a pic or two; and finally come up with a new recipe, a blog entry or an idea for the next challenge. In the end, I simply spend the day using all 5 senses to transmit to others how I put them together in my creations.

How do you define success?
Seeing that you and your loved ones are more complete than the day before. I like to think in terms of “success beyond success”: the satisfaction achieved by learning and growing, no matter what happens.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Coming to NYC, the toughest and most competitive metropolis on the globe. This place has taught me a great deal– in particular, the fact that people coalesce from every single corner of the world chasing one thing and one thing alone: a dream. And the amazing and challenging thing is that your dream lives side by side with everybody else’s dream.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Always follow your passion; if you love what you do and you devote all your energy to it, your job is not truly a job– it becomes a wonderful hobby. Don’t worry about what people say, better concentrate in your inner voice. Be free. Life is not a draft. Life is only one.

What’s on your bucket list?
Just to be a good model to my daughter.

I am proud to be Latina because:
A Latina woman is passionate, hard-working, perseverant, warm, and friendly.

How do you get your Latin fix?
I drink my mate every morning and afternoon. Also, I have to eat at least one real Argentinean asado every month.

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
Dora’s language is just fine.
Our first language is Spanish and at home we have a rule: it is not allowed to talk in English with our daughter. I speak English with an accent outside home. People love it and I do not know why. I truly think it’s horrible. And so spanglish makes up for the lack of true latin expressions in our daily lives.

What is your favorite Latin restaurant?
There are many great latin restaurants. Since my personal blog deals with latin restaurant reviews, I prefer to say: all of them have something great!

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
My mom.

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
Do not give up. Persevera y triunfarás. If at first you don’t succeed, try again and then again until you get it done.
Nunca te subas al caballo! Which means: never think you are better when things are going well for you and always remember where you come from.

Favorite home remedy:
Water bag for the period cramps.

Favorite Quote:
“La paciencia es un arbol de raíz amarga pero de frutas dulces” or “Patience is a tree of bitter root but sweet fruit.”

Career Highlights
Chef Uchi Davidzon is a food writer “dessert guide at property of The New York Times Company”

She is a Pastry Chef from FCI (French Culinary Institute New York)

Uchi has been awared Les Dame D´Escoffier NYC

She is the owner of Lola Mora Catering NYC

She is the publisher of

[fun]♦I worked until the end of my first pregnancy. I was about to have a cake ready to go. I was huge (really) and right before finishing it up, I lost balance and the entire cake fell on top of my belly. I had to decorate the cake all over again. Frankly, that was the fastest _merengue_ I’ve ever made in my whole life![/fun]

♦Food writer “dessert guide at property of The New York Times Company”
♦Pastry Chef from FCI (French Culinary Institute New York)
♦Awared Les Dame D´Escoffier NYC
♦Owner of Lola Mora Catering NYC
♦Publisher of

[description]“Always follow your passion; if you love what you do and you devote all your energy to it, your job is not truly a job–it becomes a wonderful hobby.”[/description]


  1. Julieta /

    Espectacular la nota!!!! Te sigo hace mucho años y me encantan tus recetas!!! Te felicito!!!

  2. Josefa /

    Que bella eres !!!

  3. Julieta /

    Espectacular la nota!!! Te sigo hace años y disfruto mucho haciendo tus recetas….. Lindo conocer mas de vos….
    Un abrazo muy grande….

  4. danny davison /

    despacito despacito se van a dar cuenta que la comida argentina que vos estas tratando de a acostumbrar al paladar americano es mucho mas rica y sana que de lo ellos se acostumbraron de comer por anios
    segui adelante que prove unas cuantas recetas y son un paraiso de gustos

  5. jaime /

    hola- te deseo las mejores comidas . los churros son conocidos alli? los alfajores? la pizza tipo argentina?

  6. shloime /

    saludos a susana

  7. shloime /

    tienen la receta de los churros argentinos?

  8. Romina /

    Pruebo todas tus recetas, y soy fanatica de tu pasteleria!!!!!!

  9. Priscila /

    Super felidades Besos Priscila

  10. Flor /

    Well, subite un poquito, you deserve it!


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