Love The Skin Your Stuff Is In

Apr 01, 10 Love The Skin Your Stuff Is In

skins for all your gadgets Generic black or silver gadgetry is so last millennium. We’re not living in some 1960s version of the future, after all. The 21st century is all about individuality, which I’m all for. I love putting a personal touch on all my belongings, mainly because it’s an excuse to give in to my irrepressible urge to accessorize and/or decorate everything (not with images of la Virgen or el Santo whatever though), but moving on.

Vinyl skins are the easiest way to infuse your electronic devices with a dose of personality and keep them protected at the same time. I’m sure your mind momentarily drifted elsewhere at the mention of vinyl skins, naughty girl, but that’s a subject for a different occasion. Unique Skins (, LapJacks ( and Skin It ( are only some of the many websites where you can find tons of different skin designs, or upload a picture and customize your own. There are skins available for all your gizmos, from your laptop to your iPhone and even for your boyfriend’s gaming console. Hmm, note to self: file away under Great Gift Idea. That and the, uh, other vinyl skin, too.


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