Lost And Fownd

Dec 27, 11 Lost And Fownd

Hectic lives often lead to lost stuff. In your rush to get from here to there and get this done by that time things like your keys, iPod or cell phone can sometimes suffer the consequences of your frenzy and get inadvertently left behind. Slow down, mija, and take a deep breath.  If retracing your steps doesn’t work, then you know you need a better strategy to find your lost stuff. Try Fownd, a service that along with its free iPhone app helps you recover your missing items. They create adhesive tags for you to stick on objects you could potentially lose; these tags come with a code for you to register which will then enable whoever finds your belongings to report the discovery and connect with you via Fownd. Muy chevere! Maybe you could make up some tags for Papi’s perpetually missing anteojos, but we doubt the couch cushions know how to text.

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