Lingerie For Your Body Type

Apr 24, 11 Lingerie For Your Body Type

Latinas are naturally sensual and can heat up any situation with just a sway of the hips or a meaningful look, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to get extra spicy with some sexy lingerie. Aline Machado from Bella Bella Boutique has the lowdown on what suits our Latina curves best:

  • For pear shapes Aline recommends Bralettes or triangle bras to add depth to small breasts, and quarter or demi-cup bras to add fullness. Embellished bras also help create balance by drawing attention to your upper half. When it comes to the bottom half, tangas provide enough coverage to make the butt appear less wide, but still nice and round. If you are aiming to hide your hips, boy shorts are the way to go.  They cover up your flaws but reveal just enough to still be sexy. High-waisted briefs help eliminate the dreaded muffin top and hide any overhanging flesh.
  • Chicas with hourglass figures are lucky, because they can wear pretty much anything. However, the choicest items for you gals are Brazilian thongs to accentuate your derrieres, embellished bra and panty sets, and corsets to emphasize your enviable pinup figure. Corsets can even be worn as outerwear, but for Heaven’s sake throw a jacket over it. You don’t want to cause massive traffic accidents as you walk down the street.
  • Shapewear, such as Spanx and the like, is becoming increasingly popular. No longer the hideous fajas our abuelas used to wear that were more like a suit of armor, today’s shapewear is stylish, comfortable and some can even be worn as outerwear. Emphasizing your curves doesn’t have to be torture or ugly.

Pick up a few of these pieces and enjoy watching your man’s jaw hit the floor. 


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  2. Marcela /

    love this article! it gives you great suggestions when choosing lingerie and foundations for your body type. I t actually solved an inquiry that I was having about types of bras. thank you!


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