Like Salt For Chocolate

Nov 25, 11 Like Salt For Chocolate

We love chocolate in any way shape or form. As a hot beverage with mini-marshmallows floating in it? Bring it. Hot fudge on a sundae? Yes, please! Salty brownies? Er…well, why not? That was just one of the many inventive confections we got to try at the New York Chocolate Show, the largest in the United States, which brought together more than 65 fine chocolate companies as well as renowned chocolatiers and pastry chefs who featured a variety of chocolaty goodies. Those brownies, by the way, are made by Salt of the Earth Bakery, and they are delicious (remember when Manny put salt in his chocolate milk in Modern Family? It’s kind of like that)! CocoSala also makes chocolate treats infused with salt and other spices, and Chocolate for the Spirit takes it to a whole other level with a Mesoamerican kick by adding chipotle, a mix of chilies and cinnamon to their sweets. If you prefer something a little more traditional, No Chewing Allowed makes the most decadent truffles that literally melt in your mouth (hence, the no chewing). Or perhaps you’d prefer American Heritage’s authentic colonial recipe which involves grinding cocoa beans by hand with anise, nutmeg, orange, red pepper and cinnamon. It’s bittersweet, preservative-free and a historical treasure!  We know you’re dying to take a look at these luscious creations, so check out the pictures on our Facebook page and keep a tissue handy porque se te va a caer la baba.

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