Tips To Cook Like A Pro

Sep 23, 11 Tips To Cook Like A Pro

Between mami and abuelita, we have amassed more than enough cooking tips to write our own cookbook. And we can assure you that would be a best-seller because those women can cook like nobody’s business. However, it never hurts to get some extra advice from an actual chef. That is why we asked Chef Denise Portillo, CEO of The Bella Restaurant Group, Inc. in California, to share with us some of the most valuable and undisclosed tricks of the trade. With these tips you will be guaranteed to add a professional quality to all your recipes, and you might even be able to teach mami and abuelita a thing or two (Ha! Who would have thunk?)

  • Whenever cooking with herbs and garnishing your finished plate, always use the same fresh herbs that are in your entrée.
  • When cooking asparagus remember to snap off the bottom (the dried part) prior to cutting the asparagus to size. This ensures juicy, meaty asparagus.
  • When cooking Brussels sprouts always remember to blanch them in salted boiling water. Also remember to cut the bottom of the Brussels sprouts by making an X, this ensures that they get cooked thoroughly and removes the bitterness from them.
  • Remember that the difference between “stock”” and “broth” is that stock can be reduced and thickened, creating a wonderful base for gravies and sauces. Broth cannot, and it’s lighter.
  • When a recipe calls for cilantro add it at the end, otherwise it will wilt and the full flavor will be muddied and lost.

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