Licuados, The Latina’s Answer To Smoothies

Sep 07, 10 Licuados, The Latina’s Answer To Smoothies

licuados, an alternative to smoothiesLet’s face it chicas, we’re at a point where if you’re not ready to make some life changes to be healthier and more eco-friendly, you’re what we’d say, “last season!”. Not only can we make earth a better place for ourselves, our future, and those of our families, it is also super chic to go green! But no need to go entirely drastic if that’s not your style. I can remember waking up almost every morning to the sound of my mami in the kitchen turning on the blender as she prepared her daily licuado. Not to be confused with the super thick and sugary smoothies.

Licuados are becoming a huge hit in the American culture. Found all throughout Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, licuados have been a staple in many diets. A simple drink, made from milk (make it 1% or fat free to stay healthy chic) and your choice of fruit, makes for a delicious and healthy breakfast or mid afternoon snack. Not only will it keep you satisfied and energized, it is also super easy to prepare. You can even make it in the office! With the Magic Bullet all you need is a cup of milk, fresh fruit (don’t be scared to get creative, ladies) a splash of honey if you’d like, and you’re good to go. There’s a reason why Latinas are known to age so gracefully, and it’s because we’ve been in style for centuries!”

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