Leylha Ahuile

Jan 01, 11 Leylha Ahuile

♦ Accomplished Entrepreneur
♦ Discerning Publisher
♦ Writer/Editor

City I live in:
New York

Occupation and why?
Publisher – I have always loved books and knew I would work in that area. After working for a major Spanish publisher I went off on my own to start the only literary magazine in Spanish in the U.S. When you ask yourself why isn’t there this or that, ask yourself why don’t I do this or that. Be a force of change, don’t be an observer.

A regular day consists of?
Emails, phone calls, meetings – in English, Spanish, Spanglish and at times forgetting what language you speak! I love it.

How do you define success?
Doing what you love and when it’s no longer fun, change your goals. My goals are constantly changing therefore my definition of success changes but the one constant is doing something I passionate about.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Getting book publishers and media partners to recognize us a serious source of quality content. Once we overcame this, many things fell into place.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Let the quality of your work speak for you and make sure you consistently deliver quality work.

What’s on your bucket list?
Nothing, I have always lived the moment.

I am proud to be Latina because:
I not only understand two languages but a wide range of cultures. There isn’t one Latino culture but a Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, etc. culture and unless you understand all of those nuances you are not really ‘bicultural’.

How do you get your Latin fix?
I live my life in a very fluid environment so I never feel the need to get my “Latin fix”.

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
All of it! But no mixing and matching when I am around people that don’t speak Spanish.

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
I hate stereotypes.

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
Don’t complain, fix it.

Favorite home remedy:
Anything that has to with honey.

Favorite quote:
“Two roads diverged in the woods, and I — I took the one less traveled by.” This is a quote from Robert Frost that was given to me in a small plastic frame when I was 14, I have traveled the world with it and it always hangs on wall where I can see it first thing in the morning. It is a constant reminder to follow my own dreams and have the strength to face the challenges that come from not following the norm.

[career]Being the first Online Consumer Magazine dedicated to reviewing Spanish-Language books for the US. www.tintatfresca.us[/career]

[fun]I used to own a tree farm and once had a cow arrested for trespassing.[/fun]

[description]Let the quality of your work speak for you[/description]

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