Let’s Get Physical

Apr 20, 10 Let’s Get Physical

online fitness toolI’ve always heard that following a diet and/or workout with a buddy is the best strategy for making sure you stick to your program, because you encourage each other. Well, that only works if you and your friends aren’t as lazy as me or my friends. We are better at enabling than we are at pushing. We rationalize each other’s excuses for not going to the gym and end up knocking back a couple of mojitos instead. Throw in a stop at the arepa stand on the way home and it’s a lost cause.

Let’s face it: I need a serious partner. And My Fitness Pal is just the one And My Fitness Pal is just the one for the job. MFP allows you to keep track of your daily caloric intake with a huge database of food items, as well as a calculator to estimate how many calories you burned while sweating la gota gorda. Please believe this kind of monitoring makes a huge difference in your approach to fitness. I was shocked at my caloric intake the first time I did it. Suffice it to say, those mojitos add up. It made me run straight to the gym, no prodding friend required (and no arepa pit-stop this time either).


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