Led light bulbs changing the way we do things

Oct 21, 10 Led light bulbs changing the way we do things

Led light bulbs

Who would have thought that something as mundane and seemingly unchangeable as a light bulb could be headed for a 21st century overhaul? Move over, Betty La Fea, there’s a new makeover champion in town. Forget iPads, LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs are the technological breakthrough of the decade.

They are extremely energy-efficient lasting up to 100,000 hours (yup, you read that correctly) and use much less energy, thus saving you tons of money off your electricity bill; money you can redirect towards your new-Jimmy-Choos-Shoe-fund. LED bulbs are also more durable because they have no filaments and cause no heat buildup, so you can cut costs on air conditioning in your home (more $$$ for that shoe fund). Since LED bulbs contain no mercury they are also easier to dispose of and are environmentally friendly. Win win! A process has been recently developed to cut down the costs of manufacturing LED bulbs, translating into lower prices for the consumer. Even if they are more expensive upfront than traditional bulbs, they are more cost effective in the long run. The writing is on the wall, chica. The future is here and it’s spelled L-E-D.

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