Learning How To Say No

Apr 05, 11 Learning How To Say No

As Latinas, we have the genetically programmed desire to please everyone around us. We often find ourselves doing things we don’t really want to do just because we feel we should do them, like taking on that big project at work even though you are beyond swamped, or missing American Idol to take abuelita to her bingo game. The result is that we end up lacking time to do the things that are important to us. Let me tell you chica, the time is there you just have to make an effort to find it. What you need to do is emulate the unwavering determination of your 2-year-old sobrina when she refuses to eat her beets (that girl says no and she means it). There’s nothing wrong with turning down a request that inconveniences you as long as you are polite about it. It may be awkward at first, but it’ll get easier over time. Pretty soon you’ll start to feel confident and empowered, and suddenly you’ll have all this time to focus on yourself. You can take that art class you’ve been wanting to, or introduce abuela to American Idol. Because you really do love spending time with the old gal.

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