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Jun 15, 11 Learn From The Best

In the global village we currently inhabit, language skills have become increasingly important. But we don’t need to tell you that, our bilingual beauties. You more than anyone know the benefits and significance of being able to express yourself in more than one language (to hell with it just doesn’t pack quite the same punch as pa’l carajo when you need to get something off your chest). But becoming versed in a foreign tongue is not always easy, or cheap. Finding time to take a class is near impossible, and CD-ROM courses can be crazy expensive and leave you to learn all by yourself with no support. With Live Mocha you get access to the world’s largest online language learning community; meaning you get reasonably priced courses (as well as some free ones), the advantage of learning at your own pace (you can repeat lessons as necessary) and best of all (drumroll, please) the opportunity to practice with native speakers. Everyone on Live Mocha helps each other out, so while you get help with your pronunciation you can also help someone else learn to roll their r’s correctly so they can order a marrrgarita like a native.  Learn, help and make friends. Who knows? They might even let you stay with them on your next trip abroad to practice your budding language skills.

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