Latinas In The Blogosphere

Jan 09, 12 Latinas In The Blogosphere

Being an American Latina is fabulous! We have the best of both worlds. And with that comes a lot to say. We Latinas love to express ourselves, and sometimes a chisme session with our girls just isn’t enough. We have lots of thoughts and feelings we need to get out, and a great way to do it is to start a blog. They allow us to vent about anything and everything, hone our writing skills and even come across like-minded peeps. Add your voice to the many chicas invading the blogosphere on Blogs by Latinas. It’s a directory of Hispanic female bloggers from all walks of life, each looking to have her voice be heard. Enter the sisterhood and create and outlet for yourself. Who knows? You may inspire others out there while getting a lot of stuff off your chest.


  1. Kathy Romero /

    I’ve been in the weddings and events business for approximately 15 years now. I’ll be launching my blog in Spanish within the next two weeks! I hope you stop to visit once in a while. I already have a blog in English but will be bringing all the lovely little details of the fabulous wedding and event industry to the spanish speaking market! Can’t wait! I hope it’s well received :)

    With a happy heart,

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