Latina Designer Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Sep 23, 10 Latina Designer Taking The Fashion World By Storm

The hottest accessories of this season have got it all. Not only do they allow you to exhibit your Latina pride and excellent taste, they have a conscience too. The handbags designed by Colombian Adriana Castro are the must-have item this year. They have they been seen embellishing the outfits of a bevy of celebs like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian; as well as stealing scenes from the arms of Carrie and Samantha on Sex And The City 2.

Adriana also makes belts, wallets and bracelets, all inspired by animal skins. Her collection is mainly inspired by crocodile skin. This is the result of the frequent visits she paid growing up to her father’s crocodile farm in Colombia. This is also the reason that the repopulation of caimans is an endeavor near and dear to her heart, so proceeds from her collection benefit this cause under the supervision of the Colombian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Rocking high-fashion while helping to preserve wildlife? That’s truly the Cosmopolatina way!”

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