Latina Cheat Sheet On Buying A Camcorder

Jul 12, 10 Latina Cheat Sheet On Buying A Camcorder

camcorder guide As the World Cup winds down and the summer hits its peak you’ve seen your boyfriend display a range of emotions you never knew he had in him. Sure, a goal against his team can make him weep like a little girl but the most moving scene from la novela barely elicits a change in his facial expression. Why not capture those reactions for posterity as they will probably not surface again until the next World Cup in 4 years? With one of these awesome pocket camcorders you won’t miss a thing:

  • Flip UltraHD: super-easy to use, affordable and shoots high-quality 720p HD video. It uses AA batteries which means you don’t have to wait to recharge; and can change them right away if you happen to run out of batteries at places like la rumba en la playa where there are no electric outlets available. Plus, it’s the only camera with stereo sound so you won’t miss a word as well as a picture.
  • Kodak Zi8: you can capture images in everything from 1080p HD resolution to a 5 megapixel still photo. Comes with and SD card slot (but not the actual card) and HDMI output. It’s definitely one of the most complete camcorders on the market.
  • Creative Vado HD: the Flip meets the Kodak with this camera that mixes the best elements of both. It offers top-notch 720p resolution in low light as well as an external microphone and versatile settings.

Record all your summer memories and replay them when you need a reminder that even if your bf can’t muster an iota of sentiment at The Notebook, he is still capable of burning passion.

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