Latin Food Lovers Unite

Nov 15, 10 Latin Food Lovers Unite

One of the best parts about Sunday dinner is getting together with all your tias, primas and hermanas in the kitchen and gossiping while everyone pitches in to help prepare the meal. You discuss la novela, the neighbor’s kids and who’s wearing what while you peel potatoes and chop onions to recreate abuelita’s best recipes. And of course everyone contributes their own special touch because there’s always room for improvement! From the cooking to the actual eating, Latin food is all about sharing. Now you can spread the love beyond your own kitchen by joining Hispanic Kitchen, a social network that allows you to interact with other Latin food lovers. You can invite friends, share pictures and videos of your favorite meals, post comments, recipes and Food Stories, find specialty ingredients and add fun apps to your personal page. It’s Facebook for foodies! Whether you need help perfecting your mofongo, have been having trouble finding a specific brand of hot sauce or just have to share your secret for the best enchiladas in the world, this is the place to be. Drop by Hispanic Kitchen and see what’s cooking!

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