Latin America: The Real Happiest Place on Earth

Mar 29, 10 Latin America: The Real Happiest Place on Earth

laitn america is the happiest region on earth

We Latinos have always been well aware of this little fact of course, but now it has been confirmed by an actual scientific study. The New Economics Foundation, a British independent research group, calculated the Happy Planet Index (HPI) of 143 countries, an index that measures the efficiency with which nations convert their natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens.

It takes into account life expectancy, people’s overall satisfaction and their environmental impact. Last year, nine out of the top ten spots were occupied by Latin American and Caribbean countries, with Costa Rica ranking as Número Uno. So what is it that makes us so happy? According to the report, one of the key factors lies in our cultural values. They explain that Latinos place less importance on material issues than we do on family and friends. This would also explain why more developed countries ranked low on the index. Australia, for example, came in at number 102 while the US ranked 114th. For the full list, or to find out more go to Now go and spread that Latino joy!

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